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This is the place to see the newest additions to our site. 

We are excited to create a unique mix of specimens of scientific merit and works of artistic beauty. It is our hope that we will be able to offer you a website like no other; to engage both your curiosity and eye.

Please visit frequently to see what we've found!


Our first dinosaur fossils are here!


Beautiful bookends of petrified wood.  Click here for a closer look.

Gorgeous Holzmaden Shale plate framing a complex assemblage of adult female and fetal Stenopterygius quadriscissus remains. A must-see!

Outstanding craftsmanship and beautiful stone make this serpentine and malachite box a delight.

This turquoise, deep blue, hematite and green hued and intricately proportioned hexagonal Shattukite box is a wonderful example of the gem carver's art.

The texture of dino bone and the translucense of serpentine combine to beautiful effect in this carved gem box.

Two dramatic pieces, slabs of Woodworthia from Zimbabwe, are not to be missed.

Unique coloration and patterning are to be found in petrified fern slabs from Brazil.

Our newest Solnhofen Eryon Arctiformis, a robust ventral specimen.

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