Harpoceras Ammonite HA1

Harpoceras falcifer
Harpoceras falcifer Harpoceras falcifer plate Harpoceras falcifer center Harpoceras falcifer  detail Harpoceras falcifer matrix


GENUS/SPECIES NAME: Harpoceras falcifer

Class Cephalopoda, Order Ammonitida, Family Hildoceratidae

GEOLOGICAL AGE: Lower Jurassic (180 million years old)

LOCATION: Holzmaden, Bavaria, Germany

DESCRIPTION: This is a huge and absolutely gorgeous, golden pyrite Harpoceras falcifer ammonite beautifully centered in the upper half of a trapezoidal slab of rich black Holzmaden shale.  The delicate in-parallel wavy suture pattern extends perpendicularly along the length of the helical shell, yielding a specimen that is in bold contrast texturally to the surrounding smooth, wavy jet black slate, with several small partial ammonites orbiting the primary specimen.  A masterpiece of nature, this melds science and art in a glorious expression of color and texture!

GRADE: 4.25  (Out of 5.0) Please see grading system.

Matrix-21” (53.5 cm) x 23 ¼ “ (59 cm) x 0.9” (2.4 cm)
Specimen-10” (25.5 cm) x 8 5/8” (22 cm)


PRICE: $480


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Price: $480.00